2023-2024 Volunteer Opportunities!

Why Get Involved?


  • Volunteering makes a big difference and your help is always needed! Support teachers, staff and administrators by providing needed resources and helping to create learning opportunities for our children.
  • Volunteering allows you to be part of things in a tangible way! Get involved, whether at events, in the schools or on a committee. There is no better way to know what is happening in our schools. You'll get to know other parents and help build a sense of community in Long Hill.
  • Share your ideas! The PTO is a great forum for exchanging ideas and making suggestions. By getting involved in the PTO you will be part of the solution - helping to make positive changes.
  • It feels great to participate and it's fun! Share school-related experiences with your child and be a role model to him or her by showing the importance you place on education. We accomplish a lot together and we try to enjoy ourselves along the way whenever possible.

  • It's a manageable commitment! We promise to honor your time constraints and your efforts are always appreciated!